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Welcome to My Practice...






"Communicating effectively can help us achieve

a meaningful relationship with those important to us."

Ellen Nasanow, Ph.D.


I am a licensed psychologist practicing in Tysons Corner, VA. I specialize in empowering my clients to better cope and manage the difficult challenges they face in their work, school and personal life. 


  • Are you feeling down in the dumps most days?

  • Have you lost interest in the things you used to enjoy?

  • Are you not getting sufficient sleep or too much sleep, and is it hard to get out of bed in the morning?

  • Do you become easily irritated or are continually worrying?

If you want change that can make a difference, I can help. 


Many of the people who come into my practice want to:

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment

  • Achieve their career goals

  • Have positive relationships and experience their own personal growth and independence

  • Improve communication with important people in their lives


Some of my patients experience acute or chronic medical illnesses that cause further burdens to themselves and their families. As a solution-focused therapist my goal is to help you better understand what’s getting in the way of experiencing your potential and to help change long-standing negative perceptions and behavior patterns.


Contact me today - I may be able to help you!

Dr. Ellen Nasanow

Realizing many of you are needing to discuss your concerns about the pandemic in this time of social distancing, I want you to know I have begun providing tele-therapy consultations (phone or video). 

Contact me now at


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